Working in a Campervan [12 Best Tips]

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There are many hiccups, turns, and unforgettable experiences in the life of the campervan enthusiast. Equipping your campervan with adaptable, space-saving items is essential to make the journey more comfortable. Making life simpler through organization and planning is necessary when living in a small space.

Even though you may adore living and travelling full-time in your van, it’s not always easy. Getting into the swing of things takes time. It can take a few months to figure out how to make daily van life and small space living easier when you start full-time campervan living.

Living in a van has many advantages, including freedom, independence, adaptability, and adventure. It’s essential to be aware that living in a van can present some difficulties however, such as a lack of privacy and personal space.

Here are 12 best tips for working in your campervan

Get the Right Setup

Finding the ideal campervan is crucial for new campervan enthusiasts because it will quickly become your home. However, a van that isn’t right for your lifestyle can cause frustration and a sense of being confined in no time.

The ideal van should have everything you need for a comfortable life on the road and enough room to store all of your belongings. The campervan needs to be simple to operate and get good fuel mileage so you can travel as far and cheaply as possible.

Don’t Skimp on Wi-Fi

Working on the road means you must have reliable WiFi. You won’t always be staying on campsites where you can use the site’s WiFi. 

There are several solutions for reliable WiFi. If cost is an issue, you could choose the travel router option. You can either buy a locked or unlocked router. I suggest the unlocked version, because you can choose whichever network is more suitable for wherever you’re stopping over.

If you have in mind a more stable and robust system for your campervan, you won’t do any better than the Maxview Roam X

You permanently fix the Roam’s antenna to your vehicle’s roof, and the router sits inside the van. The X version has download speeds up to 300Mbps, more than enough for any digital nomad.

Be Organised

For new working campervan enthusiasts, developing a routine is crucial. It will make you feel more organised, and at home in your new surroundings. Maintaining a routine will also reduce stress and increase productivity.

Because you’re a newbie, you must create a routine that suits you, and is flexible enough to accommodate your ever-evolving lifestyle. 

Pack Your Campervan Essentials

Packing essentials is one of the most crucial things when living in a van. This will contribute to a more accessible and comfortable life for you while travelling.

Reduce non-essentials and put versatility first to make the most of your small space. You don’t need sleeping bags if you have a duvet, for example? One of the best campervan pieces of advice is only to pack what you need.

Find Camping Spots Using Apps

Travelling and working in a campervan can be a fantastic experience. Still, you don’t want to spoil it by wasting time looking for the services you require, paying for a pricey campsite, or dealing with other circumstances that cause stress.

Fortunately, some excellent camping apps can help you overcome these obstacles. If you’ve been camping for a while, you’ve probably already noticed a ton of cutting-edge camping apps available.

Get The Most Out Of Storage Space

It would be best to consider anything that increases storage space as a campervan life necessity. A great storage solution is to add shelves above the bed and baskets or magazine racks in the kitchen area.

There are various options depending on where you want the van camping gear to be stored and how easy it needs to be to access it. Keep cleaning supplies nearby, for instance, under the sink, but store other items you don’t frequently use under the bed.

Additional Insulation

Investing in draft stoppers and fan covers is advisable if you intend to travel during the winter. A fan can let in just enough air to cause a draft even when it’s turned off. Don’t ignore additional insulation because it will most probably be necessary.

Choose Unbreakable Kitchenware

One of our top tips for working in a campervan is to choose unbreakable kitchenware to spare yourselves a considerable amount of hassle. You don’t have to worry about bumpy roads shattering glass or dishes when you have unbreakable items.

Rechargeable Magnetic Lights

One of the most helpful campervan hacks has been the addition of rechargeable magnetic lights. Since they are cordless and can be applied in numerous locations thanks to the magnetic strip, they are superior to fairy lights. When doing dishes, we use them above the sink, inside cabinets, and even outside. Using the magnetic strip on the back, they easily stick to the campervan, creating great outdoor lights.

A Portable Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld vacuum is an ideal size for most campervans because a full-size vacuum would take up too much room. A portable rechargeable vacuum is one of the best campervan hacks for maintaining your van’s cleanliness.

As Many Hooks As Possible

Adding hooks is one of our top suggestions for maximising the use of your wall space. Hang as much as possible, especially folding hooks, to keep items off the floor and organised. When not in use, they fold down, keeping the walls of your van neat and orderly. When you have wet clothes or need to hang some laundry, hooks are essential. You can never have too many!

Use Doormats

You might love the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you want to track a load of it through your lovely, clean campervan.

Depending on the model of your campervan, you might have several doors that can quickly become dirty from boots and shoes. Place doormats at each entrance to keep outdoor mud off your floors. You can leave your muddy shoes on the mat.

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