Unlimited Portable Wifi: How to Get Internet Anywhere

Unlimited Portable wifi

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Portable WiFi is an excellent way to ensure that the internet is always available, even when moving. But why do we need another one when many devices already have hotspot functionality? For one, it would be best to have portable WiFi to prevent your phone’s battery draining, so it’s still available for essential functions. A portable WiFi device will also significantly reduce the data usage from your smartphone’s plan. 

Portable WiFi is also a far more secure way to tap into the internet in public venues. Many public networks are available, but are not healthy for your devices or private data. Secure networks are not easy to find, or conveniently available. Your portable WiFi network has more stringent encryption protocols, to protect sensitive data.

You can trust a mobile WiFi network when you want to access sites that handle sensitive data, such as those belonging to financial institutions. You also have options to establish password rules that will protect your data when you’re using your devices.

How Can I Get Unlimited Wifi Anywhere?

You can access two types of WiFi hotspots:

Public: You’ll find these in public areas such as your local coffee shop, restaurants, shopping areas etc. Many of these venues offer free WiFi as a means of snagging customers. 

Private: You can only join a private network if you have the login and password details. Your home internet would be an example of a private network.

Connecting to a public WiFi hotspot is extremely risky because it’s easy for cybercriminals to intercept your wireless communication, and steal personal information without your knowledge. This security risk is one of the main reasons to use portable WiFi to avoid security risks allied to public WiFi venues. 

If you’re unsure of the difference between WiFi and hotspot, it’s usually because people use the terms interchangeably. A WiFi hotspot is a location where people can connect to a wireless network, and WiFi is the technology that allows this to happen. 

Using Your Mobile Phone

A viable option is using your mobile phone’s hotspot, because you can use data you’ve already paid for on your SIM contract. This isn’t ideal for long-term use, but it’s typically good enough for short durations. Once created, your mobile WiFi hotspot will allow you to share your 3G/4G connection with other devices, such as your tablet. You’ll also hear this called internet tethering.

You can create a mobile WiFi connection by using a portable device called a mobile router or mobile hotspot. These devices require a separate SIM card.

Mobile WiFi Router

A mobile Wi-Fi router is an ideal choice for regular users, because it doesn’t deplete your smartphone’s batteries, requires no switching SIM cards, and doesn’t require you to leave your phone with the person with whom you’re sharing the internet connection. When using a data-only SIM card, connecting to the internet can be more cost-effective. 

Because it doesn’t physically connect to your smartphone, a mobile WiFi router allows you to share a mobile data connection with several devices, unlike a mobile data dongle. Older computers and laptops that don’t support WiFi are the only ones that benefit from USB dongles.

Connect A WiFi-Only Device 

Tablets are a fantastic convenience in the home, but what about when you’re on the go? You can use portable WiFi to set up a wireless network and connect any WiFi device to it from anywhere you can get a phone connection. If you’re ok carrying around a small device, there’s no need to pay additional money to buy cellular tablets.

If you only have a 4G smartphone, having a mobile WiFi device that uses a 5G ready SIM will allow you to connect your phone to the internet wherever there are 5G speeds.

How Much is Portable Wifi a Month?

Portable WiFi hotspots can cost £40 to £400, depending on whether you want 5G connectivity, fast download speeds, and unlocked devices. In addition to the device’s initial outlay, the data only SIM has a cost.

The cost varies between providers, the amount of data you need each month and whether you choose pay-as-you-go, a monthly contract or a contract from one to four years.

For example, Talkmobile offers 50GB of 4G data on a one month contract for £5.97. However, Vodafone has a twelve-month contract with unlimited 5G data for £35.00 per month. It’s a question of shopping around to find the best deal for yourself, but plenty of options are available.

How to Get Unlimited Portable Wifi

Getting unlimited portable WiFi is straightforward:

1. Purchase the Mobile hotspot device

2. Choose the unlimited data-only SIM that suits your needs

3. Insert the SIM into the device

4. Ensure the battery is in the device and fully charged

5. Press and hold the power button on the device

6. Once the WiFi connection is established, use the SSID and WiFi password you will find on the device’s external label

7. You can then launch your web browser 

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