TP-Link M7350 Review [Hands-On Test]

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If you need internet on the go, you can connect your smartphone to a mobile Wi-Fi network, known as tethering, or you can buy a separate mobile router where you can use a different SIM card, typically a data-only SIM.

Mobile Wi-Fi routers are a better alternative than your smartphone, especially if you travel or are out on the road a great deal.  Using a separate SIM means you won’t drain your smartphone’s battery and don’t need to switch SIMs in your phone. 

A typical mobile router such as the TP-Link M7350 will enable you to connect several devices, and you won’t need to leave your phone with other users if you need to leave the vicinity for some reason. 

You might be wondering why you can’t use a dongle, which tends to be much cheaper. A mobile WiFi router differs from a mobile data dongle in that it doesn’t physically connect to your smartphone and can share a connection with several devices. USB dongles are a quick and easy way to connect a single device to the internet but can’t compare with a mobile router.

What is TP-Link M7350?

The TP-Link M7350 is a plug-n-play mobile router (MiFi) device that supports 4G LTE with up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds. With those speeds, you’ll have no problem streaming your favourite movies or TV shows without suffering from buffering.

You can purchase a data-only 4G SIM card (no calls or texts), and it’s as simple as popping in the SIM, and you’re ready to go. Suppose you’re travelling with work colleagues or on holiday with family. In that case, they can connect their devices to the M7350 and benefit from your mobile hotspot. The router allows up to ten devices to join at any one time once you distribute the password for connection to the router.

TP-Link M7350 Price

There are numerous retail outlets in the UK where you can pick up the TP-Link M7350; prices range from £74.99 to £99.99 for an unlocked version.

How Does TP-Link M7350 Work?

With download speeds of up to 150Mbps and upload rates of up to 50Mbps, the TP-Link covers all three UK 4G LTE bands. The device connects up to ten devices to any wireless network. 

The M7350 comes unlocked, so you do not need to be tied to any network, and it accepts a microSD card for shared storage. The mobile router has an LCD that shows the signal strength, the number of devices connected, how much data you have used of the total limit, and the remaining battery capacity.

You can also use the LCD to go through a menu that contains options such as enabling or disabling data roaming, opting for 2.4GHz and 5GHz output, and selecting 4G, 3G, or a mix of both. The tpMiFi app, which allows you to manage users, change the range, exchange files, and read text messages, is also an option. You can download it immediately from Google Play or the App Store via a QR code.

When it comes to 4G connectivity, the TP-2000mAh battery lasts for up to eight hours.

TP-Link M7350 Installation

Inside the box, you’ll find the LTE-Advanced Mobile WiFi M7350 unit, a power adapter, Micro USB cable, Micro to Standard SIM Card Adapter, Nano to Standard SIM Card Adapter and a quick installation guide.

The device comes in an appealing box, and the pocket hotspot is a black pebble shape with a clear display; the device feels good when you hold it and genuinely fits in your pocket. 

Step 1: Get the M750 ready for use.

  • Remove the router’s back cover. You open the cover via the notch on the device’s side.
  • (Optional) Photograph or write down the WiFi settings you locate inside the rear door. You’ll need this later on during setup.
  • Insert the SIM card into the slot provided (you must purchase a SIM card from your network provider).
  • Insert the battery into the device; it will only fit one way.
  • Replace the back cover.
  • On the front of the device, press the power button. Your M750 is now ready for use.

Step 2: How To Set Up The M750

It is simple and convenient to use the M750. If you have already activated your SIM card, simply insert the card into the router, connect it to the device, and you’re ready to go.

TP-Link M7350 Wifi Coverage

I’ve had no problems with wireless coverage, and all devices in the same room can connect without a hitch. The device supports wireless 5Ghz and 2.4 GHz, which is helpful in areas where wireless 2.4 GHz is busy. So you can still surf through A couple of standard walls within 5 metres in the 2.4 GHz band.

With the small display on the front, you can rapidly switch between wireless 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz.

How Many Devices Can You Connect with TP-Link M7350?

The M750 supports up to ten devices simultaneously, such as laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.

Is TP-Link M7350 Any Good?

The TP-Link M750 is an excellent device that works well and easily fits in your pocket or bag. Connecting it is a doddle, and as long as the 4G signal is available, it works flawlessly. I connected my iPhone and three tablets with the one password, and all three devices worked with no problems; I didn’t notice any slow down, and there was certainly no lagging or buffering.

I found the battery worked for a good five to six hours of continuous use before it needed a recharge.

TP-Link M7350 Alternatives

If you enjoy frequent travelling with your camper or caravan and want something a little more robust, you could consider the Maxview Roam or Oyster Connect. Both these units fit on your vehicle’s roof and use an external antenna. So, if you enjoy holidaying to more remote areas where 4G is a bit spotty, the external antennas will pick up signals that smaller devices such as the TP-Link M750 or your smartphone etc, cannot.

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