Oyster Connect Review [Hands-on Test]

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We have become so accustomed to having superfast broadband at our fingertips that even when the internet occasionally goes down, even for a few minutes, we get unaccountably irritated.

But what about the internet when we go on our travels either for business or holidays?

This is a good question, especially if you own a campervan or caravan and enjoy travelling to remote locations. One of the pleasures of a campervan or caravan holiday is you can practically go wherever the mood takes you. Or can you?

Because even when you want to get off the beaten track for peace and quiet, close by to blue flag beach in a remote area of Scotland, you still want to keep in touch, stream your movies and shows with a glass of your favourite wine on an evening. 

For this, you’ll need a robust and reliable WiFi system capable of picking up a suitable network signal, even in remote Scotland.

That’s where the Oyster Connect antenna system will be your life saver, or in this case, your reliable internet provider.

What is Oyster Connect?

Engineers from South Germany’s premium manufacturer of mobile satellite technology, Ten Haaft, created the Oyster® Connect special antenna system.

The Oyster® Connect utilises a mobile router and a special antenna that fixes to your vehicle’s roof and creates a mobile hotspot that ensures a stable signal – even while driving.

Once you have the system installed, you can sit back and relax on holiday because your internet needs are taken care of, with your mobile home network. You can also connect numerous other devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., to your mobile hotspot.

Oyster Connect Price

The Oyster® Connect special antenna system costs £1,025.00 supplied and fitted.

How Does Oyster Connect Work?

The Oyster® Connect comprises two outside and inside units working harmoniously. The external unit has both an LTE and a dual band WLAN module installed, making this a standout feature.

If the LTE network is overcrowded, these modules have a directly-connected antenna system that allows for an increased range. The antenna reaches not only the next radio mast but will also connect to the next available mast.

The WLAN module operates a MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) system with four antennas, ensuring stable data in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. 

The LTE module is an all-band antenna and supports all European LTE bands. The antenna delivers excellent performance without any realignment.

The indoor unit of the Oyster® Connect system is situated in the vehicle interior and functions as a WLAN access point, similar to your home router. A comprehensive, private access point with integrated 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN antennas is installed in the indoor unit (2×2 MIMO technology). Both bands operate in parallel, allowing you to connect multiple mobile devices on various bands simultaneously for the fastest data transfer.

Any additional devices you choose to use only need connecting one time. The indoor unit also contains a LAN connection so you can set up a private-wired LAN network.

Oyster Connect Installation

Installation of the Oyster® Connect system couldn’t be easier. The outdoor unit has an aerodynamical design, and at the height of only 12cm and length of 40cm won’t take up much roof space. The unit is also extremely lightweight at just 1.5Kg.

Take the mounting plate and select the location chosen for the unit. You will glue the mounting plate to the roof. You fix the antenna housing unit to the mounting plate with four screws. In the box, you’ll find roof duct and a 4m length data cable.

Select the location where you want to position the indoor unit. The data cable attaches to the outdoor unit, and you run the data cable along the roof until you reach directly above your indoor unit. Drill a hole in the vehicle roof and pass the cable down to the unit inside. Fix the roof duct along the length of the cable.

Finally, removing any excess data cable and attaching it to the indoor unit is a simple step.

Oyster Connect Wifi Coverage

The Oyster Connect concept is that all transmitter and reception devices, including the SIM card reader, are housed in the outside unit, which is positioned on top of the vehicle’s roof. This is the best installation site since it is the only method to assure that the signal from the car body and thermal insulation glazing does not deteriorate (= attenuate).

This also allows for a data cable rather than a coaxial wire for lossless data transmission from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

You could purchase a data-sharing SIM car for your Oyster® Connect because one contract can use up to four SIM cards.

Does Oyster Connect Work with 5G?

At this present time Oyster Connect only works on the 4G networks in the UK and Europe. 5G will cover the significant population centres. Still, the countryside and remote areas where most mobile home drivers spend their time will have to make do with 4G (LTE) for the foreseeable future.

Keep in mind that, since 2019, many more locations have better and faster coverage with 4G/LTE than with 5G networks.

Is Oyster Connect Any Good?

Thanks to the Oyster Connect antenna system, you can always have your internet connection with you. You can surf the web in your mobile home, camper, or caravan while also taking advantage of the benefits of a “mobile home network.” Even while driving, the mobile hotspot maintains a stable signal. 

The connection is maintained regardless of location and the network from which the external signal is received – the registered end devices connect to their own hotspot automatically.

Oyster Connect Alternatives

If you are looking for viable alternatives, there are several other similar products to Oyster Connect available, Such as the Maxview Roam WiFi System 5G Ready Antenna (£349.99), the Motorhome WiFi 5G Aerial 5G Pro Flex+ (£1,050.00) and Motorhome WiFi 5G Aerial 5G Ready Flex (£550.00).

Also, don’t forget to check out our direct comparison between the Maxview Roam and Oyster Connect.

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