Maxview VuQube 2 Review

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The internet has become so enshrined in our lives that even the typical ‘want to get away from it all’ type holidaymaker doesn’t want to miss their favourite movies and TV shows. Not even in the furthest Highlands of Scotland. 

When exploring those out-of-the-way remote destinations, the trick is choosing the best WiFi system for your caravan, campervan, or motorhome. We’re continuing our series of articles describing the best products to get internet in your campervan with the Maxview Vuqube 2 Review.

What is Maxview VuQube 2?

The Maxview VUQube 2 is a fully enclosed, automatic satellite system that’s extensively used in the UK and Europe. The 35cm Cassegrain dish performs similarly to a 50cm offset dish, but in a compact form.

It’s renowned for excellent TV and radio reception throughout the UK. A simple button press activates this completely automated satellite system, unlike other systems which require a lengthy setup procedure. 

As a standard feature, the VuQube 2 comes with a twin LNB for use with PVRs, SKY HD channels, Sky+, or two receivers in different locations. However, it doesn’t work with SkyQ at the moment.


But why would you want to use two receivers in close proximity? You might, for example, want to listen to the radio while recording a TV channel or movie that you can watch later in the evening. 

The Control Box, with 4 Pre-programmed UK and European Satellites, allows the user to operate the VuQube II from inside the vehicle.  The pre-programmed satellites are Astra 1,2, and 3 and the Hotbird satellite. However, when travelling through Europe, you’ll need a bigger dish to receive the main UK channels.

The VuQube 2 dome is ideal for any motorhome, campervan or caravan, as well as a variety of other locations such as horseboxes and narrowboats. It’s portable, and you can fix the dome to the roof of your vehicle by using the available mounting pack (a separate purchase).

Maxview VuQube 2 Price

The VuQube 2 is available in white or grey, and the price is £814.99. This price doesn’t include the mounting pack, or professional installation.

How Does Maxview Vucube 2 Work?

The VuQube 2 has a control box that sits inside your vehicle, and is pre-programmed with four satellites. Once the VuQube dome is set up, either by permanently fixing to the vehicle’s roof or positioning the dome close by the vehicle, you choose which of the satellites you want to target. You can then control the dome from inside the vehicle. An alarm will sound if there’s a cable disconnect.

Maxview Vucube 2 Installation

Before installation, check the contents of the box. You should have:

  • VuQube 2 Dish Unit
  • VuQube 2 Control Box
  • 5m F to F Cable
  • 0.9m F to F Cable
  • Cigarette adapter 12V power supply
  • Instruction booklet

Optional and can be bought separately:

  • Additional control box
  • Mounting kit (for vehicle roof fitting)


  • Permanently fixed to vehicle roof – you can do this yourself or use a recommended installer.

If you’re using the VuQube as a portable unit;

  • Establish a clear area close by your vehicle (It’s best with a clear line of sight to the southern sky)
  • Run the cable from the dome to the inside of your vehicle
  • Attach the cable to the control box
  • Select the satellite of choice
  • Power input from the control box with a 12V cigarette adapter from the coaxial cable.

Maxview Vucube 2 Pros + Cons


  • Can be used in the UK and Europe
  • Can use with PVRs, SKY HD channels, and Sky+ 
  • Robust construction
  • Excellent signal coverage with four pre-programmed satellites
  • Twin LNBs provide exceptional signal strength
  • Portable or a permanent fix to the vehicle’s roof
  • Alarmed in case of cable disconnection
  • Specifically for outdoor use
  • Setup is handled inside the vehicle
  • Silent running
  • Highly convenient system


  • The mounting kit is an additional cost
  • Not compatible with SkyQ
  • Not the cheapest portable satellite option
  • It needs a clear line of sight 

Is Maxview Vucube 2 Any Good?

You’ll need a smart TV if you enjoy streaming services such as Netflix on your TV when on holiday. That necessitates creating a WiFi hotspot in your vehicle, using 3G/4G mobile data using the app onto your smart TV, or accessing it with a Chromecast or Firestick.

The VuQube is excellent for terrestrial channels, such as BBC1, BBC2, ITV, and Channel 4. If you have a subscription to Sky, you can also watch Sky HD channels and Sky+. At this time, you’ll need a SkyQ subscription to watch Netflix via Sky (the VuQube doesn’t currently work with the SkyQ service).

You’ll find the Maxview VuQube 2 easy to set up out-of-the-box; just plug it into the satellite receiver box and the 12v power supply. Then at the press of a button, it locates the satellite, and you’ll get access to instant TV stations.

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