Maxview Roam X VS Maxview Roam [COMPARISON]

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Maxview, a family-run business with its head office in Norfolk, are the largest UK manufacturer of TV reception products.

The Maxview Roam WiFi kit is a top-rated product for campervan, motorhome and caravan owners looking for reliable hi-speed internet they can use in their vehicles while travelling to more remote areas of the UK. and Europe.

Now with the Maxview Roam X, the company has introduced an even more powerful and robust version of the Roam. The latest version offers consumers even faster download speeds, comparable to a fibre network from home.

About Maxview Roam Travel Routers

The Maxview Roam WiFi kit converts 3G and 4G data into a WiFi hotspot for your vehicle by utilising a router and an externally mounted antenna. The WiFi kit ensures you stay connected even in low signal and remote regions. In addition, the Roam routers can also switch to using a direct WiFi source, such as the one you might find available at a campsite. 

Maxview travel routers can provide internet to various vehicles such as:

  • Campervans
  • Motorhomes
  • Caravans
  • Canal boats and narrowboats
  • Horseboxes
  • Coaches
  • Trucks

Maxview Roam X VS Maxview Roam (Original)

Maxview has made the Roam X even faster and more powerful than their extremely popular Maxview Roam. 

The Maxview Roam X WiFi system has everything you need to deliver superfast WiFi connections to the entire family. The Roam X is ideal for users streaming movies, TV shows, and vehicles such as caravans and campervans.

Roam X vs Roam: Similarities

So what’s similar between the two Roams and has anything stayed the same?

The omnidirectional rooftop antenna has stayed exactly the same. In fact, should you own the Maxview Roam and have already fitted the antenna on your vehicle’s roof, you can purchase the upgrade package from Maxview. No need to remove your existing antenna; that’s not changed. The antenna will still pick up signals no smartphone or MiFi device is capable of receiving.

The Upgrade Kit for existing Roam customers will deliver faster download rates to twice the number of devices as previously.

Everything you need to convert your Roam into a Roam X system Maxview has included in this kit.

Roam X VS Roam: Differences

The new router is the most significant difference and, of course, the one that makes the Roam X such a fantastic piece of equipment. The Roam X router is an upgraded model that goes from a CAT 4 to a CAT 6 router. What this means in real terms are double the download speeds. 

The existing Roam was good at 150 Mbps, but the new Roam X has download speeds of 300 Mbps. Those speeds are equivalent to a fibre router you get in your home. In addition, the Roam X router allows you to connect up to 100 devices, up from the 50 devices with the Roam.


Roam X VS Roam: Price

There is a difference in price as you would expect. The Roam X will cost £565.48 for the equipment only; if you choose fitting, the price rises to £624.99.

In comparison, the Roam is £349.99, rising to £363.99.

We mentioned the upgrade package, and in case you already own the Roam, the upgrade cost is £388.00.

Which Should I Buy?

The model you choose is down to personal preference and needs. Suppose you already own the Roam and want faster download speeds and the ability to connect many more devices. In that case, the upgrade package is well worth the extra money. In addition, you only need to swap out the router and a few cables, and you’re good to go.

If you presently don’t own either version, it’s a choice between faster download speeds and how many devices you want to connect. If money isn’t the consideration, then the Roam X is the best choice.

If you’re more than happy with 150 Mbps download speeds and the ability to connect 50 external devices and you want to pay less money, then the Roam should be your choice.

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