Maxview Roam Review: Hands-On Travel Router Test

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Maybe you drive long distances for a living or camping holidays with your campervan or caravan are your ideal type of holiday. Finding yourself in remote areas with no internet access is incredibly frustrating.  

You know the scenario because we’ve all been there. You need Google maps to find that out-of-the-way campsite, or you’re trying to find a customer who lives out in the sticks somewhere, and there’s no internet access.

If you find yourself in these situations and internet access is essential, the Maxview Roam could well be your ideal solution.

We’re all used to having superfast broadband Wi-Fi internet at home, using streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or even watching YouTube. 

However, when we’re in a motorhome or a caravan, we’re usually in remote locations where data connectivity is hit or miss. Even campsite Wi-Fi is not very good in most cases. Usually, just browsing the Internet can be a challenge, and streaming video is virtually impossible.

Maxview Roam

What is Maxview Roam?

The Maxview Roam technology was created to provide internet connectivity in even the most remote and rural regions. The Maxview Roam is a Wi-Fi System for Mobile 3G/4G and 5G. The powerful roof mount Antenna is built explicitly for campervans, motorhomes,  caravans, and other large vehicles and has been optimised to work in rural and remote settings.

The router offers a reliable and secure Wi-Fi hotspot for any vehicle. Unlike other similar products, the Roam can also receive Wi-Fi sources, giving you the option to save your data and use it only when necessary. You will also have the ability to upgrade to 5G once that becomes more widely available.

The router is designed to work with any data service provider, and your Pay as You Go or monthly contract option. Depending on the optimum signal you receive in any given area, you can use whichever network works best for you.

Maxview Roam Price

There are two price options available when purchasing the Maxview Roam:

How Does Maxview Roam Work?

If you need a reliable internet source for your caravan, motorhome, campervan, truck and even for a canal or narrowboat, then you should consider the Roam.

Maxview Roam Cables + SIM holders

What’s In The Box?

What are the contents of the Maxview Roam Motorhome WiFi Kit?

  • Manual with easy to follow instructions.
  • Omni-directional Low profile and streamline roof mount antenna and Fixings. Compatible with all 5G frequency bands
  • Cable with SMA connectors
  • Compact and durable aluminium housing,  Plug and Play Router 12v 4G Router (made by Teltonika)
  • Unique anti-vibration mounting bracket and Fixings 
  • 12V Cigarette Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cable

The Roam uses its powerful omnidirectional antenna, which fits onto the roof of your vehicle. The antenna will pick up signals, connect with the internal commercial-grade router, and bring the signal into the vehicle.

Maxview Roam Antenna

The router creates a secure and reliable hotspot within the vehicle. Internet browsing is totally secure because the Maxview uses advanced encryption to ensure the connection is secure at all times. The router is so powerful you can connect up to 50 devices. Maxview have also included in the kit an ethernet cable so that you can plug it directly into a PC or TV. The router works from 12 volts mains, and the kit includes the necessary cables. You also can use the cable for the cigarette lighter in the vehicle.

Suppose you’re staying somewhere long-term, for example. In that case, another nice feature of the Max View Roam system is that you can use it to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot locally, so if you’re near a cafe or if the campsite has its own Wi-Fi, the antenna will allow you to connect to the Wi-Fi on-site and then use that to save on your data allowance.

Maxview Roam Installation Instructions

Maxview Roam Installation

  • Maxview recommends positioning the router close to the roof-mounted antenna using the antennas’ standard 0.8m coaxial wires for optimal performance. 
  • Once you’ve determined an appropriate place for the router within the vehicle, it’s necessary to ensure a suitable location on the roof close by the router. For example, if you prefer to position the router in an out-of-way cupboard, place the antenna on the roof directly above the cupboard. 
  • There needs to be a 30cm gap between the antenna and any obstacles to prevent interference. While you can mount the internal router vertically or horizontally, the antenna must be vertical. 
  • The antenna is permanently fixed to your vehicle’s roof by the 3M seal on the unit’s base. Ensure you choose the best location before installation.
  • The Roam antenna mounts to a horizontal, flat, smooth surface such as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). The coaxial wires pass directly through the roof beneath the antenna’s centre. The installation is suitable for roofs with a thickness of up to 50mm.
  • There’s no need to worry if your vehicle has a ridged roof. The antenna can be attached to the ridges using the included screws. Your roof may already have a place where you can insert the coaxial wires (provided). You can also purchase antenna extension cords to position the antenna in different locations. Screws and cable ties are included in the installation package to keep the mount firmly in place on the roof.

Maxview Roam App

The new Roam app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app provides control over several settings such as changing the router password, blocking websites that should not be accessible through the Roam, changing the app language, etc. The app also has an enable/disable WAN failover feature, which means you will not need to switch internet sources between mobile and WiFi manually.

Does Maxview Roam Work with 5G?

Although the benefits are not yet fully realised, there is little question that 5G coverage will continue to expand throughout the UK, especially in remote rural areas.  

To ensure customers can take advantage of 5G, Maxview has built 5G capabilities into their antenna as a standard feature. When the 5G network becomes available to our clients, they can be confident that the Roam antenna will be fully compatible.

Maxview Roam Wifi

The Roam uses mobile data to build a WiFi hotspot that is stable and secure. The Roam antenna will pick up usable signals that your smartphone or MiFi can’t.

If a direct WiFi source is available, you can connect the Roam to an existing WiFi hotspot. Connecting to a WiFi Source will limit your time to use mobile data.

The Roam kit is a great WiFi booster for anyone on the move, particularly if you regularly find yourself in remote rural areas of the country.

Is Maxview Roam Any Good?

The Maxview Roam is an excellent system and easy to install and use. You’ll find a much better internet experience when you use the Roam.

The Maxview Roam takes mobile internet access to a whole new level. You’ll find you have a significant edge over your campsite neighbours thanks to the unique antenna mounted high on your caravan.

The Roam is as simple to connect as it is connecting to your home router and is a must-have item if you spend a lot of time in your caravan or on the road and rely on internet access. Aesthetically, it looks great on the roof and inside the trailer.


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