Maxview Portable Satellite Dish System Review

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Not everyone needs the internet when camping or travelling in their campervan and caravans. However, other holidaymakers wouldn’t leave home without being able to stream their favourite movies and TV shows, in addition to keeping in touch with friends and family. 

And being able to connect the kids with their tablets and gaming consoles is a godsend on those wet and dreary days that we frequently encounter during the English summers. 

Instead of spending time trying to connect to the campsite WiFi only to find it’s too slow to watch anything meaningful. Or, try to find a decent 4G signal for your MiFi device; why not look at the Maxview Portable Satellite Dish System? A cutting-edge digital satellite system might be the solution you should be considering.

Using the Maxview Portable Satellite Dish System, you can watch and listen to satellite TV and radio on the go in your campervan, motorhome or caravan. Setup and use are a breeze, thanks to their simple, camping-friendly design.

Also included are two storage bags for stowing away the satellite dish and the tripod stand safely for straightforward storage. The Precision portable system receives satellite transmissions worldwide and UK and European signals by default.


What is Maxview Precision I.D?

The Precision I.D adds a ‘Sat Found’ LED to the regular Precision’s functionality. The Precision ID notifies the user that the system has found the correct satellite and confirms the TV is showing a picture. Both these functions benefit the user because it’s typically challenging to see your TV set simultaneously as setting up the satellite outside your vehicle.

It removes the potential for incorrect satellite selection and is useful when the user is outside the vehicle and can’t see or hear the TV. It’s easy to locate the wrong satellite while setting up your Precision because they’re all so close together in the southern sky.

As a result, the Sat Finder can’t identify different European satellites and instead highlights the satellite’s closeness to any of them.

Instead of going in and out of your vehicle to check you picked up the correct satellite and are receiving a picture, the Precision I.D provides the information instantly while you’re at the satellite.

Maxview Portable Satellite System Price

Prices for the Precision Portable Satellite System vary depending on the version, dish size and whether you choose a single or twin LNB. 

For the Precision model:

Dish SizeSingle LNBTwin LNBSky Q Only LNB
55 (cm)£224.99£244.99£269.99
65 (cm)£274.99£294.99£319.99
75 (cm)£324.99£344.99£369.99

Precision I.D model:

Dish Size (cm)Single LNBTwin LNB
55 (cm)£274.99£294.99
65 (cm)£324.99£344.99
75 (cm)£374.99£394.99

How Does Maxview Portable Satellite Dish Work?

The Maxview Portable Satellite system is available in three dish sizes 55cm, 65cm and 75cm. The system is straightforward and quick to set up. You transport the system in two separate bags, one for the tripod and the other containing the dish and LNB. 

The LNB is a plastic receiving device positioned on the arm in front of a satellite dish. This LNB takes satellite TV signal waves from the dish and converts them to a signal that the system sends via a cable to your vehicle’s satellite receiver.

The Portable Satellite system works like a satellite system you might have at home if you watch SkyTV. Except you transport the dish to wherever you want to travel. Once you are at your destination, it’s a simple and easy system to put together. 

Once you have the dish aligned (we’ll discuss how to do that later) facing the southern sky, you lock on to the satellite you want to use. If you wish to watch the UK and European channels, you need Astra One and Two. You then run the cable from the dish to your receiver inside the vehicle.


Maxview Precision ID Installation

As mentioned, installation is very straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step example: 

  • Remove the dish and tripod from their storage bags.
  • Put up the tripod first. The system comes with a compass to help set up the tripod.
  • One leg of the tripod is marked ‘south leg’ and has to face south.
  • Use the compass to find south and point the leg to face south.
  • There’s also a spirit level on the tripod to ensure it is perfectly level.
  • Take the dish from its storage bag and position it on the tripod.
  • Ensure the LNB is also facing south.
  • Lower the LNB after releasing it from its magnetic catch on the dish.
  • You run the 10-metre cable from the dish to the receiver inside your vehicle.

The following section covers the correct dish alignment:

  • On the back of the dish is a zone map showing the elevation angles across Europe
  • The numbers on the zone map correspond to the gauge on the side of the system.
  • You change the dish’s elevation by a simple control at the back of the unit.
  • If you own the Precision I.D, you will also have the integrated sat finder unit.
  • Turn the sat finder as high as possible.
  • Turn the sat finder back down until only two lights are showing.
  • Starting from the east, turn the dish until you locate your chosen satellite.
  • Once you’ve located the satellite, the sat finder emits a loud noise, and more LEDs will light up.
  • Turn off the sat finder and lock the dish in position.

Maxview Portable Satellite System Pros + Cons


  • Solid, reliable system
  • Well-made robust construction
  • Fully compatible with SkyQ system
  • Includes pegs to hold tripod in position
  • Lightweight
  • Precision I.D range includes a Sat finder
  • Competitively-priced
  • Choice of three dish sizes


  • Without the sat finder, it’s more inconvenient to find the exact satellite

Does Maxview Roam Work with 5G?

The Maxview Roam WiFi kit converts 3G and 4G data into a WiFi hotspot for your vehicle by utilising a router and an externally mounted antenna.

The external roof-top antenna is also 5G ready.

Is Maxview Roam Any Good?

The Maxview Roam is a plug & play WiFi solution designed for vehicles such as caravans, campers and other vehicles. The unit’s antenna is 5G ready and will pick up signals in remote and low signal areas. In addition to utilising 3G/4G and 5G mobile data, the Roam can also use a direct WiFi Source, which means you can save on data costs. The Maxview Roam is an excellent device for travellers that demand superfast WiFi.

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