How to Watch Netflix in a Camper? [Fast Internet Guide]

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If you’re an experienced camper or caravaner, you’ll admit that sometimes you want to take it easy and relax in your campervan. After all, there’s only so much sightseeing a body can handle. It’s great to kick off the shoes and settle down to your favourite shows, or watch a Netflix movie. 

I mention Netflix, but the same applies to any other streaming channel you have a subscription to. Be it Amazon Prime, Disney, or Apple TV, there are ways to get fast internet, so streaming shows and movies can be the perfect end to the day.

I’m sure you’re aware that you can download shows and movies to watch before going on your holidays. Still, streaming shows on your smartphone, laptop, or other top-rated devices is more fun. In addition, there’s no need to miss an episode of your favourite show while you’re away.

Can You Watch Netflix in a Caravan or Campervan?

The answer is “yes” if you’re travelling in a campervan or caravan. You can easily get internet to stream Netflix, etc. To connect your campervan to the internet, you’ll need a MiFi device or a travel router and a data SIM card.

However, the most straightforward method of getting WiFi in a campervan is to create a hotspot from your smartphone. It might be the simplest way, but it’s not the most convenient. A smartphone hotspot isn’t the best option because you’ll quickly deplete your phone’s data, and while you can connect to other devices, there are better ways.

Ways to Watch Netflix When Travelling

There are several ways you can watch Netflix when you’re travelling. Here a rundown for you:

Using A Smartphone

Using a smartphone to access WiFi is the most obvious and quick option to watch Netflix in a campervan. However, the connection will likely be intermittent and unstable if you happen to be holidaying in a remote part of the country or your network is spotty at best in that location.  

Campervans and caravans can also be an issue because your smartphone’s signal might not be as strong as it could be due to the signal bouncing off the campervan’s bodywork.

The Campsite’s WIFI Might Be A Solution

Most well-organised campsites provide WiFi, and this is an easy option. There’s no harm in giving it a go; however, don’t be surprised if it turns out to be a wrong choice, especially in peak season. 

Some sites offer free WiFi, but most charge a fee, and in peak season, the WiFi is typically slow because of the sheer number of users. They might also have local rules that forbid streaming movies and shows or usage caps.

Suppose you decide to use the campground’s WiFi but having trouble getting a stable connection. In that case, you may want to consider purchasing a WiFi booster. You can improve your campervan’s WiFi signal with the help of a WiFi booster.

Mobile 4G Broadband

It’s better to use a mobile 3G/4G WiFi network than a lot of campground WiFi. 4G now covers 99 per cent of the UK, depending on the mobile network provider.

3G and 4G connections are the norms for most of us, and we use our smartphones to do so constantly. While 4G coverage isn’t always guaranteed, it’s possible to acquire a strong signal even in remote rural areas. 

Even though you might have a strong  3G/4G signal, you still might have issues maintaining a decent signal inside your caravan or campervan.

One way to enhance the signal using 3G/4G is with a portable mobile hotspot or MiFi. This device functions similarly to a mobile phone.

You insert a data SIM card, and the device connects to the 4G network. In the absence of 4G, the device will go back to 3G connections. There’s a slight improvement in the signal because the MiFi’s internal antennas are better at picking up the signal. However, if you fit an external antenna, you can boost the signal even more.

How To Watch Netflix In A Camper Without Buffering

Suppose you want to watch Netflix in your campervan without the inconvenience of buffering, which spoils any streaming. In that case, you’re going to need a more robust system.

We recommend the Maxview Roam, which will create a reliable and secure WiFi internet hotspot in your campervan or caravan. The Roam will provide internet to a wide range of vehicles, including canal boats. 

The Maxview Roam utilises a powerful omnidirectional antenna that sits on the vehicle’s roof and a 12v 4G (5G ready) router inside the vehicle. The antenna enables the Roam to pick up mobile network signals that your smartphone or a MiFi device will not. In addition, the Roam can also operate using a local WiFi network which would save on your mobile data plan.

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