How to Get Sky TV in a Caravan [EXPLAINED]

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Do you miss watching your favourite programmes while travelling with your caravan? The good news is that you can resolve your predicament quickly, and simply! Sky TV lets you view your favourite movies and sports channels while on the road, making your holiday much more enjoyable.

However, many people aren’t sure how to get Sky TV in a caravan. In this article we’ll share the ins and outs of getting Sky set up in your van.

By the way, things are relatively straightforward if you own a Static caravan. Simply sign up for Sky TV, and they’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment, precisely the same as you would have at home. 

The main advantage of a satellite is that you can get a good signal almost anywhere you park up, providing you have a clear line of sight to the southern sky.  

You’ll receive significantly more channels than with terrestrial digital TV. You can also use Freesat, which offers roughly 200 free channels, purchase a Sky+ box, take your Sky viewing card with you, and receive all the channels you enjoy at home.

However, with the launch of Sky Q, the type of satellite system you require for your caravan has changed if you want to take advantage of this offering.

Is It Possible to Get Sky TV in a Caravan?

Yes! for some people travelling without their Sky TV is not something they would contemplate. Suppose you enjoy travelling to very remote locations and don’t want a 3G/4G mobile solution. In that case, the only way to guarantee a strong, stable signal for TV is via a satellite system.

What You Need to Get Sky TV in a Caravan

To get Sky TV via a satellite system, you have three options:

  • Portable tripod Mounted Satellite system
  • Suction cup
  • Permanent roof-mounted system

The popular choice is a portable tripod-mounted satellite TV dish. Typically, it’s the cheapest alternative for installing satellite TV in a caravan.

If you choose this route, be sure the construction quality is satisfactory. Don’t choose a unit that’s poorly constructed or too lightweight. It makes it challenging to position the dish correctly, and receive good reception. It can also be knocked out of position by a gust of wind.

Maxview now manufactures the highest quality portable tripod-mounted satellite dish receivers. If you want one that also receives Sky Q, then the Maxview Precision is the one to choose.

Even though the Maxview Precision is a robust model, you should always use the guy ropes that Maxview supplies with their system.

While it’s still portable, the second alternative satellite system fixes to the side of your caravan with suction pads. This system is more stable, providing you have thoroughly cleaned the van’s side. Any road dirt or grime will cause the cups to lose suction and not remain in place.

The third option is a permanent roof-mounted satellite system. Most of these are manual crank systems, so you lower the dish when it’s not in use and driving. If you’re happy to pay more, you can get an automated roof-mounted satellite dish.

Satellite Dish

In our opinion, the best portable satellite system, and we’ve mentioned it already, is the Maxview Precision. With this system, you can receive all the channels you’ll ever need, including:

  • Sky Q 
  • Sky HD
  • Sky+
  • Freesat
  • Free to air

The Maxview Precision is simple to set up. It has an integrated sat finder and an elevation indicator that makes finding the satellite you want a snap.

How to Set it Up

  • Set up the tripod first. The tripod is easy to set up with the included compass.
  • The tripod’s ‘south leg,’ as the name suggests, must point south.
  • To find south, use the compass and turn the leg to face south.
  • You need a clear line of sight to the southern sky.
  • The tripod is also equipped with a spirit level to ensure you have everything level.
  • After you’ve set up the tripod, remove the dish from the storage bag and position it on top of the tripod.
  • Inspect to see if the LNB is pointing south, too.
  • Release the LNB from the dish’s magnetic catch and lower it.
  • Finally, run the cable from the dish to the receiver in your caravan.

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