How Can I Boost My Wi-Fi Signal When Travelling?

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Having a high-speed internet connection while travelling is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you’re a digital nomad who needs to check emails to stay in touch with clients or if you’re on a trip to an adventure-filled destination and want to broadcast live events.

As more and more places have WiFi access, there are essential points to remember. Your connection speed may be affected by various issues. 

For example, your location, nearby objects that block WiFi signals, the equipment used to deliver Internet access, and your device’s ability to handle high-speed connections. 

Even if WiFi is widely available, it doesn’t guarantee a strong signal that will allow you to be productive while travelling. When travelling and using public or private WiFi, you may see a decent signal strength but still can’t download your email, stream video, listen to music, or hold Skype conversations without buffering.

For those times when your regular internet-enabled devices cannot detect a suitable WiFi source, several devices can help you get connected.

How to Boost WiFi Speed on Phone?

Do you have a case for your smartphone? Most people do, and there’s a possibility that weak WiFi and connectivity are due to the case. Many phone cases significantly decrease WiFi connection, mainly if the case contains metal, which is well known.

Perform an internet speed test with the case off, then re-test in the same area with the case on to discover if the case is interfering with your Wi-Fi connection. The Ping, Jitter, and Loss are the key metrics to focus on, and all three should be as low as feasible. 

You could also go into your smartphone’s settings to see if you can optimise the signal from there:

  • From your smartphone or tablet’s home screen, select Menu.
  • Now go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Wireless and networks.
  • Now, select Wi-Fi settings and then Advanced.
  • Select Wi-Fi optimisation.

The background processes of some apps and widgets consume a significant amount of data, even though they are helpful at specific times. Facebook serves as a good illustration. Although you might not be utilising the app, it still uses a lot of data.

  • To uninstall a programme, go to the Applications menu and search for it.
  • To edit or uninstall an app, simply tap and hold it for a few seconds.

Fast Internet While Travelling

Mobile Hotspot

While travelling, you can use a hotspot to connect your mobile devices to the internet over a wireless network. In addition to smartphones, dedicated mobile hotspot devices offer faster bandwidth, more connected devices, and longer battery life. Many restaurants, coffee shops and public buildings also have free WiFi hotspots.

Speeds can vary depending on the device and SIM data plan you purchased. 

WiFi hotspot devices use cellular data via a data-only SIM card. You can then connect several devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.  

Typically, a mobile hotspot connects using 4G LTE wireless technology and can deliver fast data transfer rates. Although the major networks haven’t rolled out 5G countrywide yet, if you’re travelling around any of the UK’s major cities, you will probably connect to 5G if the device and your data plan have that capability.

A mobile hotspot is a viable option if you travel in a campervan, motorhome or towing a caravan and want to get online while away from home.

Because you might be staying in more remote locations, you can buy an external antenna for your MiFi (mobile hotspot) device that will boost your signal. Some are pretty sophisticated, and you can permanently fix to your vehicle’s roof; others are portable. 

Mobile WiFi Router

A mobile WiFi router is similar to your home internet router. However, it uses a SIM card instead of being connected to a phone line. You can use any SIM card from any network when you purchase an ‘unlocked’ mobile WiFi router. One advantage to having an unlocked device is choosing the best plans for the areas you intend to travel to, even if you want to go across Europe.

Are Mobile Routers Easy To Use?

Once charged, all you have to do is insert a SIM card and turn it on, and you’ll be connected to the internet on many devices simultaneously in seconds. Most mobile MiFi devices can connect at least ten other devices while providing pretty decent internet speeds.

Most mobile routers work on a SIM data card-only basis. However, if you prefer something more robust and permanent, you could choose the Maxview Roam. The Roam allows you to select a SIM data-only option or a direct WiFi source. With an exterior permanently fixed omnidirectional antenna, you can pick up network signals that other mobile hotspots can’t. In addition, download speeds are much faster, and you can connect up to a hundred devices, depending on which Roam version you choose.

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