How Do You Charge A Mobile Router? [EXPLAINED]

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You’ve probably heard of mobile routers. But have you given any thought to what they are, how they work, and if you would find one useful for yourself?

Anywhere you travel, you can surf the web using an online connection provided by a portable WiFi router that broadcasts an internet connection to your devices. You can create an online connection wirelessly, as a mobile hotspot, or via a dongle that connects directly to your laptop. 

You can purchase a portable router with or without a subscription; the subscription includes a data SIM card. Mobile routers come in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Many internet service providers provide bundles with a portable router and an ongoing subscription.

  • A mobile router is a portable wireless modem.
  • It works with a prepaid SIM card or a subscription.
  • Mobile routers don’t necessarily require wired connections.
  • Mobile routers have internal batteries that are rechargeable.
  • You can connect several devices to a Mobile router.
  • They’re ideal for carrying with you on holidays or business trips.
  • You have a wide choice of mobile routers available.

What Is A Mobile Router?

In a nutshell, a mobile router is a compact portable device that can connect to the internet. Mobile WiFi routers operate in much the same way as those at home. However, mobile routers use a data SIM card. They can also use a built-in battery instead of a wired connection. 

Because these routers are entirely portable, you can take your private internet connection wherever you go. In addition, most mobile routers will allow you to connect several other devices (up to 10) to the internet simultaneously. Allowing several devices to connect simultaneously means you can share the mobile hotspot with other family members.

How Are Mobile Routers Powered?

You can power your mobile router with removable batteries, built-in rechargeable batteries, or a USB cable. When travelling, you can charge a mobile router through USB by connecting it to a laptop’s USB port, a 5 volt DC adapter, or a portable power bank.

Whether removable or built-in, rechargeable batteries are frequently equipped with a USB connector. According to the capacity and type of connection, a mobile Wi-Fi router’s battery can last anywhere from six to fifteen hours. For example, the battery drains far more quickly on a 4G network than on a 3G network.

How Do You Charge a Mobile Router from a Campervan?

The rechargeable batteries that power portable WiFi routers are either built-in or removable.

However, both options are available on some portable WiFi routers. Optionally, you can keep the battery in place and recharge it inside the Mobile router. You can also remove the battery and power them directly from your wall sockets for around-the-clock use.

Power plugs and switches in campervans and caravans are identical to those in your home.

You must connect your vehicle to a power source to power the internal sockets and switches. In addition to the engine battery, most campervans and caravans feature three primary power sources: 240-volt mains electricity, 12-volt leisure batteries, and gas (LPG or propane).

The engine battery’s sole purpose is to start your motorhome’s engine. You can use the vehicle’s battery as a power source in an emergency. However, it will drain the battery quickly unless you fire up the engine, but it’s not a practical solution.

The other power sources we mentioned are there to power all aboard appliances, supply heating and hot water, and charge any electronic devices you bring along on the trip.

If you’re staying on a campsite, you would naturally connect to the site’s 240-volt mains power system. You can easily power all the electronic equipment, including your mobile router. You pay the bill based on the metered supply at the end of your stay.

You will use the leisure battery or gas supply when you can’t connect to a 240-volt mains power at a campsite. The leisure battery (12-volt system), charges while driving, and both the gas and leisure batteries will operate when you park up.

As you would expect, you can’t run all the appliances from a leisure battery or gas supply as you would from the 240-volt connection. However, there’s more than enough to power up the battery on your mobile router.

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