Can Travel Routers Use Netflix? [EXPLAINED]

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Camping, holidaying in a campervan or caravan doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite streaming services, such as Netflix. You can still stream those unmissable series or a movie using mobile data, or if you’re on a campsite offering WiFi hook up to their public WiFi network.

When you make travelling your lifestyle, finding the right balance between getting away from it all and still enjoying some homestyle comforts is essential. Sometimes watching a Netflix movie is part of that balance because there are days when the weather is awful, or you’re feeling sick, and at other times you want to relax.

How to Watch Netflix in a Camper or Caravan

Nowadays, most people choose to stream content rather than watch live TV. Streaming services like iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are simple to use at home, but it’s different when you’re travelling in a motorhome or caravan. We’ll focus on the two primary challenges first, getting a good internet connection in your camper or caravan and setting up your TV for streaming services.

Currently, there are “smart” portable 12V televisions for caravans and campers now available; however, not all streaming services may be available on some Smart TVs.

When you buy a portable smart TV, you need to ensure it offers the features you need. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime are some services that are available on virtually every portable smart TV for caravans and campers marketed in the UK. 

On-Site WiFi

If you are staying on a campsite and they provide a WiFi service, you can obtain the username and password to log into the campsite’s network. There are some drawbacks to this, for example, your location concerning the site’s router and the number of campers actively using the WiFi; both will severely limit the internet speed, and that will cause buffering on the programs you are streaming.

Chromecast and FireSticks?

A Chromecast is a tiny gadget that connects to your television and is sold by Google, whereas the Firestick is an Amazon product. 

These devices can provide various streaming services and connect to your TV through an HDMI cable. A Chromecast requires you to use your phone to control it, whereas a Firestick has a remote that you use to control it.

Chromecast and FireSticks work from a mains supply, so if you’re in a remote location, the only way to use either of these devices is via a USB connection on the back of your 12V portable TV, if it has one.

4G/5G Networks

Even though 5G is not widely available outside of major cities, 4G is more than fast enough to stream Netflix and other services, providing there is a good signal and enough data on your SIM data plan.

If you’re going to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot to stream Netflix, you’ll need to pay close attention to your data allowance. Streaming HD programs will use a lot of data, so buying a separate unlimited plan if your phone network offers them makes sense.

A portable router is better if more than one person wants to connect devices to the internet. Typically routers will allow up to ten devices to connect. You will need a separate data plan for the router, but that will save the usage on your smartphone; you can also still use the phone to make and receive calls if you’re not using it as a hotspot.

Can Travel Routers Use Netflix?

 Yes, a travel router will stream Netflix. You create a mobile hotspot by connecting your router to a 4G/5G or LTE internet plan. You will need a separate SIM card and data plan, preferably one with unlimited data, but still, keep an eye on your data usage. If you exceed any caps they impose, your picture quality will diminish. Once you have the hotspot set up, you can watch Netflix while your wife and kids can surf on their other devices.

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