Best Mobile WiFi Router Unlimited Data Plans [Top 3 in 2022]

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You can substitute or even replace your cabled home broadband service with a high-quality mobile service. Of course, unlimited mobile broadband is the ultimate goal.

You can use both your mobile phone and unlimited mobile broadband. Travel or portable routers are now available with their own SIM cards. Using a personal hotspot or a dongle will allow you to take advantage of your mobile phone’s data signal more expansively. 

5G-based mobile broadband technologies have now become more widely available. This development has led to several UK mobile service providers offering unlimited data plans for several years.

Dedicated Mobile Broadband plans, which some providers still provide, have lagged behind what you can find on SIM-only plans and aren’t strictly necessary; therefore, the following comparisons only focus on the most affordable Pay-Monthly SIM-Only plans with unlimited data. You can usually put a regular SIM into a travel or portable router or turn your Smartphone into a WiFi Hotspot.

So, let’s look at your options for a mobile broadband plan that provides unlimited data.

What Data Plan is Best for a Mobile Router?

A while ago, if you wanted to use a SIM card in a tablet, travel router, or mobile broadband dongle, you had to buy a specialised SIM. In 2022, you don’t need to purchase specialised SIM cards. Most devices accept a standard SIM card from a mobile phone. Doing so enables you to use your smartphone SIM card in your tablet, travel router or dongle if you want to connect to 3G/4G and even 5G services in the UK.

Three or SMARTY’s unlimited data plans are our current suggestion for 4G/5G mobile routers and dongles. These two services offer unlimited internet, 5G speeds, and the ability to use several devices at once at no additional cost.

Unlimited data is now available with specific Three plans for as little as £16 per month.

You can receive an IP address for your router on Three, which is essential for some online gaming and other applications.

You can access Three’s 4G and 5G networks through SMARTY, which provides unlimited Internet access. In addition, you’ll get a rolling one-month payment plan. However, you won’t be able to get an IP address for your mobile router on the Smarty plan.

Best Mobile Wifi Unlimited Data Plans

In most circumstances, you should be able to use a conventional smartphone SIM card in any smart device, including mobile routers, tablets, dongles, and other smart devices. 

While you no longer need to buy specialised SIM cards for use in a mobile router, etc. Some networks still have restrictions, and you must consider these when purchasing your data plans.

There are still certain constraints on EE, giffgaff, O2, Tesco Mobile, and Virgin Mobile’s unlimited data plans. Suppose you use an unlimited data SIM card from O2, EE or GiffGaff, in your mobile router. In that case, you’re limited to 12 tethered devices at once. In addition, O2, Tesco Mobile, and Virgin Mobile’s plans have a 4G home broadband restriction.


Smarty offers a monthly data only plan for only £20 per month. You prepay your plan at the start of each billing cycle, and the plan lasts until the same day one month later.

For the monthly fee, you get genuine unlimited data with no caps for 3G/4G, and 5G enabled devices. Tethering and personal hotspot are also included in the plan.

This plan does not include any calls or texts but is perfect for your mobile router, tablets and dongles. This Smarty plan does not support roaming outside of the EU. 

ID mobile

ID mobile offers a 30 days rolling contract for unlimited data, minutes and texts for £20.00. ID mobile also includes 5G for enabled devices at no extra charge.

You can cap your bills to prevent overspending, but that shouldn’t be an issue with an unlimited plan. However, the plan includes roaming to 50 worldwide destinations, and roaming is subject to a fair usage policy, so limiting your spending might come in handy here.

Any unused data they roll over to the next month. That isn’t a factor on unlimited data. ID mobile piggybacks on the Three network, so you know you’ll get excellent coverage.


Three’s Advanced Plan details include a one month contract, unlimited minutes and texts, 5G ready at no additional costs, roaming to 71 countries worldwide and a personal hotspot for £28.00.

Unlock your UK allowances for 24 hours in the EU and world destinations. There is a charge for this; £2 for Go Roam Europe and £5 for Go Roam worldwide. If you visit the Republic of Ireland or the Isle of Man, you don’t pay the daily roaming charge fee.

A personal hotspot means you can connect other devices to your mobile router or phone. Three’s data is unlimited with no danger of exceeding your allowance.

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